About Hannah's Treasures Vintage Wallpaper

 We love vintage wallpaper


What good is vintage wallpaper?  Let me explain….

Vintage wallpaper inspires artists.  The colors, texture and detail are not duplicated with modern paper and printing techniques.

Romance and mystery


Everyone wants to know where did the paper come from?   I know exactly where each paper was found, and if you have time, and I have time, there are stories to tell about each collection found.  Quite simply many of the wallpapers found me.

Who uses Vintage wallpaper?


When you walk through a store you see products inspired by vintage wallpaper.  Artists, photographers, set designers, graphic designers…fashion designers basically anyone who appreciates design, loves vintage wallpaper.  We are proud of the role we play in bringing beauty into your home.  Whether you apply the wallpaper to your walls, or receive a gift created by an artist or cottage business  there is history and nostalgia in vintage wallpaper. 

More info.....we used to brag about how many rolls of wallpaper we have, but the truth is we really don't know.  We have a lot, and continue to add to our collection.  Our goal is to help you find  the the right paper for your project.

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